Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire

Mark is responsible for capital raising, site development, and operational direction at the portfolio level. Mark has demonstrated a successful track record of building deep relationships and productive teams to catalyze company growth.

Mark has shaped and developed multiple commercial real estate ventures spanning various asset classes, participating as a limited partner, general partner, and lead sponsor.

Prior to Bluefin, Mark was a partner within a successful, self storage focused, private equity firm. Mark has also built a large, residential real estate sales team practice within Pennsylvania.

The vast majority of Mark’s experience and success has come from the small business space, focusing particularly on driving operational efficiencies and bottom-line growth. Mark’s core competency is focused around getting organizations from the starting line to profitability.

Mark is now the 3rd generation of successful commercial real estate investors in his family and serves as the primary asset manager for his family’s real estate portfolio.